100 Happy New Month Messages, Wishes, Prayers For March 2024

100 Happy New Month Messages, Wishes, Prayers For March 2024

100 Happy New Month Messages, Wishes, Prayers For March 2024

Good morning Nigeria and welcome to the month of March, the third month of the year 2024
A happy new month to you, your friends and your family from Naija News Team.

Being a new day of a new month, many expect good wishes from their friends, family members, and loved ones, hence, a need to compile one.

Below are some new month prayer points and messages you can send to friends, family members, and loved ones. 

1. May God specially attend to your situation this month, and your family’s too. Happy newest month.

2. It shall be well with you all that is yours this month and beyond. Happy newest month.

3. The doors of blessings shall be opened for you & your Family throughout this month, and forever. A happy new month to you all from me.

4. May you continue to dwell within the cover of Almighty this month and forever. Have a blessed month.

5. No traces of sadness shall be linked to your home this month but you shall enjoy the best of God. Have a glorious month.

6. As long as there is God in Heaven, you will never know shame but joy everlasting. A happy new month to you.

7. Every spirit working to re-position your destiny shall perish by fire and you shall overcome all challenges in this month.

8. This shall be your best month and the following months shall be better. Enjoy the best of the month!

9. Of all that will testify around you at the end of this month, you shall take the lead. Happy new month to you.

10. Your wealth and miracles will arrive this month, and your peace and joy shall be permanent. Happy New month to you.

11. As from today, you will rise above limitations and you shall testify to God’s goodness in all that concerns you. Happy new month.

12. Your success this month shall attract celebrations. Watch out for the best. Happy new month.

13. The devil will not hack into the secret of your success this month and forever. Have a blessed month.

14. The evil ones shall not manipulate the password to your JOY and FAVOUR this month. Enjoy the best of the month.

15. YOU and your FAMILY are born to win and rule and so shall your testimony be this month. A happy new month to you and yours.

16. Remain blessed. Remain unshaken. The Lord has got your back this month. A happy new month to you.

17. I see this month answering all your heart desires. Be expectant. Happy new month.

18. This month, your expectations shall not be cut short and your testimony shall not be hindered. Happy new month.

19. In all that you will do this month, God shall be your guide. You shall succeed. Happy new month.

20. Don’t worry about the past months, this month will end in praise. Just be hopeful. Happy new month.

When you sit and think, you shall remember this month for goodness and favour. Your joy shall remain forever. Happy new month love.

Sweet New Month Message to My Love

21. Sweetheart! Never lose focus, remain positive and speak power to your life. You shall overcome, dear. Happy new month.

22. All shall be made perfect in your life and God shall mend all the pieces of your life. Happy new month.

23. As the month cooks up, I pray that you’ll never be defeated by the enemy and your life shall be spiced up with unique wisdom and understanding. Happy new month.

24. May the days of this month be free from trouble for you and may your eyes see good days always. Happy new month.

25. As the month loads all good things, may it be all yours. Happy new month.

26. From today, till forever. Let all that you do yield you gain without loss. Happy new month.

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