A Brief Biography Of Legendary Pam Monday (Read More)

A Brief Biography Of Legendary Pam Monday.

A Brief Biography Of Min. Pam Monday (Read More)

Pam Monday, a Berom native from Kuru district in Jos South local government area of Plateau State, is a renowned gospel musician. As the second son of his parents, Pam’s passion for music led him to join the music band at COCIN Nassarawa Gwong in August 1994, despite being an ECWA member. This marked the beginning of his remarkable musical journey, which he attributes to divine guidance.

Pam’s musical career has been characterized by rapid growth and success, with no struggles or obstacles. He considers it a privilege and a testament to God’s glory that he has been able to nurture his talents and share them with the world. His ambition to become a solo music minister drove him to organize his first concert on April 19, 1999, followed by another on October 18 of the same year.

In November 2000, Pam released his debut album, “Aljanna,” which showcased his unique blend of reggae and Arewa genres. This album was a groundbreaking success, paving the way for subsequent releases that have blessed the body of Christ, particularly the Hausa listening community. To date, Pam Monday has produced ten albums to the glory of God:

Aljanna (2000)
Yesu Nawa Ne (2001)
Yi Kurkusa Da Ni (2003)
Sarkin Salama (2005)
Allah Kauna Ne (2007)
Mwad Sei Me (Berom album, 2007)
– Daidai Ne (2011)
– Zabe (2016)
– Sojoji (2022)

Pam’s musical journey is a testament to his dedication, passion, and divine calling. His contributions to the gospel music industry have made a significant impact, and his legacy continues to inspire and bless countless lives.

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