Generator Thief Paraded In Public By Residents (Watch Video)

Generator Thief Paraded In Public By Residents (Watch Video)

A young Nigerian man faced public humiliation and was made to undress in front of onlookers after being caught stealing a generator.

The incident is depicted in a recent video circulating on social media, garnering thousands of likes, views, and shares.

In the video, the young man can be seen pleading for bystanders to refrain from touching him as he is slapped by some of those who apprehended him for stealing the generator.

Initially, he attempted to conceal the generator inside a large sack, but upon being caught, he was forced to remove it from the sack while enduring slaps and beatings.

Despite begging for mercy, he was compelled to undress in public, ultimately paraded wearing only his boxers as he walked to the location from which he stole the generator.


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