Poultry Farmer Returns To The UK After His Former Staff Killed All His Livestock (Watch Video)

Poultry Farmer Returns To The UK After His Former Staff Killed All His Livestock (Watch Video)

Poultry farmer returns to the UK after his former staff killed all his livestock (video)


A poultry farmer in Nigeria had to close down his business and relocate to the UK after an employee he sacked, killed all his livestock.

Facebook user Dani Molerum who shared the story online said the employee was sacked after it was discovered that she kills two birds every weekend and takes them home. Upon the discovery and termination of her employment, she decided to poison the feed given to the birds in the poultry. The bird consumed the poisoned feed and died afterwards.

Dani wrote;

”This Tragedy Happened To My Friend Who Started A Poultry Business In Nigeria…

One Of The Staff Was Caught And Dismissed For Stealing 2 Hens Every Weekend!

She Would Str*ngle Them And Smuggle Them To His Family To Eat…

After Investigation, She Was Dismissed!

Before She Left The Premises, She Poisoned The FEED, Resulting In The Death Of All The Chickens In The Farm!

She Wiped Out All The Livestock!


Not One Was Spared!

This Is Just One Of The Many Horrible Experiences Investing In Nigeria!

Now,After 5 Years In Nigeria Trying To Create Employment And Follow His Passion,He’s Returned To The UK To Start All Over Again!

I Made A Post That I’m More Scared Of Humans Than Satan Yesterday…

This Is An Example Of What I Meant!

I Call This Gross Wickedness!

She’s Now Managed To Get Others Who Paid Their Bills From The Small Company Unemployed…

From The Manager To Gateman/Security…

…All The Contractors & Artisans Who Carry Out Works And Repairs On That Farm…

The Suppliers, Transporters,Vet Doctors, Food Vendors… Everyone Along The Value Chain,Providing Services To The Farm Or Their Workers…

All Have Lost A Significant Chunk Of Their Businesses & Patronage!

She Will Still Go Blaming Her Innocent Village People!


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